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Kitchouri (Spicy Dhal)A wonderful versatile dish which can be either served as a one pot meal for a vegetarian with raita or as an accompaniment to a meat dish.
Lamb KoftasThe Indian version of meatballs, they have alovely hint of spices and are delicious eaten hot or cold.  For more than 4 people, you may need to cook these in batches.
LassiA popular sweet, cooling dring dound widely in India.  This can be served as an acompaniment to a spicy dish or as a simplre dessert on its own.
Mini ChapattisA simple accompaniment to any Indian dish using basic store cupboard ingredients. This dish is ideal as it can be served straight from the pan whilst still warm or can be wrapped in tin foil and kept warm in the oven until needed.
Mixed Vegetable CurryA fairly mild mixed vegetable curry dish which can be substituted for other vegetables depending on taste preference!
Coriander and Coconut ChutneyThis is not the normal cooked type of chutney but it is a fresh accompaniment which is ideal to serve with spicy Asian style barbecued food. It is also good as a side dish to curries.
Cucumber RaitaA simple cooling accompaniment to any Indian dish. The cumin coriander and mint combined with the coolness of the yoghurt and cucumber creates a subtle 'kick' to this dish.
East IndiaA slightly tart but sophisticated cocktail that is served in short glasses.
Aromatic Yellow RiceA lovely very lightly spiced yellow rice to accompany many Indian dishes. A great accompaniment to any authentic Indian meal.
Papaya RaitaA spicy, tangy fruity yoghurt to complement any Indian dish.
Pilau RiceA delicious and very spicy rice which will accompany any Indian meal.
Saag AlooThis mix of potatoes and spinach lends itself to accompany meat dishes but is also wonderful served on its own with naan bread.
Vegetable PakorasThis is a delicious starter where the vegetables are coated in a lovely spicy crispy batter. You can use an assortment of vegetables: courgettes peppers aubergines button mushrooms cauliflower and onion rings. The pakoras are at their best when freshly fried but if you do not wish to fry at the last minute prepare them in advance and place them on a baking sheet in a preheated oven at 200C/400G/Gas6 for 10 minutes prior to serving. is operated by G.E.T. Internet Services. All products advertised on this website are sourced and supplied by third parties including Amazon and Google. Any purchases you make will be directly through these third party websites.